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AutoKiller Memory Optimizer

AutoKiller Memory Optimizer

AutoKiller Memory Optimizer is an Android application designed to optimize the inner memory management routines of your device, ensuring it remains fast and smooth. Its primary features include a process manager, settings reapplication on boot, and alternate presets available for donors.

AutoKiller Memory Optimizer

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The process manager allows users to have full control over their system, enabling them to manage processes effectively. Additionally, the app offers both simple and advanced modes to cater to different user preferences and levels of expertise.

Users can choose from various presets or create their own customized settings. Shortcuts to presets are available for quick access, and the app provides views in terms of pages and MB, along with detailed statistics.

Here are some testimonials from satisfied users:

Paul: “Perfect on a rooted Nexus! Works well and great widgets!”
Mark: “Makes my Cyanogen-modded G1 fly.”
Michael: “Saweeeeeet, makes my Hero scream like a Jason Vorhees victim.”
Super Jamie: “Excellent! Why bother with a manual task killer when this does it better.”
For further information on its functionalities and operation, users are encouraged to refer to the details section, explore the process manager, and check the FAQ.

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